The IT Industry Is Starting to Formulate Tentative Recovery Plans

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How do CIOs breakdown their current IT budgets in terms of spending priorities?

The IT Industry Is Starting to Formulate Tentative Recovery Plans

With the business market slowly improving, companies in the IT industry are starting to look ahead and tentatively beginning to plan their recovery strategies. With carefully consideration and attention to tenuous budgets, many IT job industries seem to still be in a survival mode of sorts.

IT industry trends reports from Microsoft and Harris Interactive, reported that, on average, sixty three percent of their budgets were being used to “keep the lights on” and only thirty seven percent was earmarked for innovation. Furthermore, only twenty two percent noted giving their business a competitive edge was their top spending priority.

However, one hopeful sign was that in terms ranking the priorities of their expenditures, business efficiency placed higher than cost cutting initiatives. So even as the economy recovers and financial pressures start to ease, IT industry executives will undoubtedly remain extremely cautious when considering how to efficiently divide and distribute their precious budgetary dollars.



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