Understanding the Difference Between IT Managers and Project Manager Job Roles

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What is the key difference between an IT Manager and a Project Manager job role?

Understanding the Difference Between IT Managers and Project Manager Job Roles

While there are many similarities between IT Managers and Project Managers, there are also vital differences as well and it is important for IT industry executives to truly understand these distinctions. Industry trends reports show that the success rate of technology initiatives increases when IT Managers truly understand project management concepts.

For example, one of the key differences between the job roles is that of focus. A project manager's authority is limited to the timeframe of the project, whereas an IT manager oversees the departmental efforts of the total IT solutions division. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the IT manager to provide the required resources and manpower that the project manager will need for their tasks. Because the project manager has truncated authority, they can sometimes face confusion or resistance from team members when regular work responsibilities and project activities conflict. The IT manager can assist by adjusting departmental priorities and workloads accordingly. Consequently, effective communication between these IT industry job roles is vital to achieving a positive project outcome.



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