Open Source Adoption Increasing in the Business Intelligence Market

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What is the top motivating factor fueling the growth of open source in the business intelligence market?

Open Source Adoption Increasing in the Business Intelligence Market

Business industry trends reports from Third Nature, a consulting and technology research firm focused on information management, explored the adoption rate of open source software in the IT industry market of business intelligence. The top motivating factor for incorporating open source technology into this realm was found to be the potential cost savings. Secondary reasons were the reduced vendor dependence that open source provides and the ease of integration with existing tools and technologies.

Yet there are still shortcomings to open source software and this has been found to be true across all IT job industries. Therefore IT professionals who are being asked to consider or deploy open source in the business intelligence market would be wise to heed lessons learned from other technology segments. First, organizations should consider establishing open source policies, which can provide blueprints and guidelines for the use and implementation of open source. Secondly, it may be advisable to start out by augmenting the division's existing software rather than fully replacing it. Lastly, always keep in mind the return on investment (ROI). Even if there is a huge cost savings, if the software creates more problems than it solves, the ROI simply does not compute.



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