IT Pros Should Keep Skills in Line with Growing Technology Initiatives

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What IT initiatives are shown to have high growth rates?

IT Pros Should Keep Skills in Line with Growing Technology Initiatives

IT industry trend reports from Computer Economics reviewed the technologies that were found to have both high adoption and high investment rates in businesses today. They found that when a technology is shown to have both of these factors in place, a large incident of deployment and fast growth, it provides a means of comparing the maturity of one technology initiative against another. Three technologies in particular were found to have high maturity levels based on these criteria.

Server virtualization was shown to have the highest maturity rate of the thirteen IT initiatives examined in the study. Second highest was business intelligence software, followed by Voice-over-IP (VoIP). While VoIP was more widely deployed, business intelligence has been growing slightly faster.

What does this mean for professionals in the IT job industries? Because their popularity and growth, to stay relevant, IT pros would do well to brush up their skills in terms of these total IT solutions and initiatives.



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