IT Networking Operations Centers Could Use an Efficiency Tune Up

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What factors were found to be the cause of inefficiency in IT networking operations centers?

IT Networking Operations Centers Could Use an Efficiency Tune Up

It has been estimated that approximately eighty percent of a company's IT budget goes to operations. However, according to Forrester Research, this includes a significant amount of waste through inefficient practices. While the tools in today's IT networking operations centers are often top notch, the management of IT industry resources was not found to be up to par. In fact, experts at Forrester attribute the problem to ineffective management of IT networking centers with too many IT functions working in isolation. The study found that many corporate IT networking operations centers are not taking into consideration the integrated nature of current communications and protocols.

Additionally, the research noted that a preoccupation with “cheap talent” was counterproductive. Proper hiring, training, and grooming of personnel in IT networking jobs is essential for IT networking operations centers to run in a proficient manner. While it is ok to embark on the strategy of bringing in a less experienced individual to keep salary costs in check, you must then make the commitment to provide adequate training so that your employee can gain the necessary skills the company needs.



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