Growth in Unified Communications

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What job functions will technology professionals face in unified communications?

Growth in Unified Communications

Today's organizations are looking for smart alternatives to simplify their business processes and reduce productivity gaps. Unified communications are one type of future technology that offer promising solutions to these challenges. By combining all forms of business communications into a single, unified solution, companies are able to collaborate using a wide array of applications and devices. Therefore, businesses are encouraged by unified communications' potential to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction by allowing employees to work together using their favorite tools and software. Technology professionals looking for technical jobs in this realm will inevitably be involved with reviewing workflows and business applications to determine the information and expertise company employees require in real time. Careful, detailed documentation of every type of communication function must be recorded and examined. Then information technology professionals will need to appraise different offerings from various vendors to determine which products offer the capabilities and functionality needed by their organization. It will be the job of the business technology professionals to report their findings to company executives and discuss their recommendations for which communication functions should be replaced or converged.



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