Growth of Enterprise Mashups Provide Opportunity

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What factors are fueling the growth of enterprise mashups?

Growth of Enterprise Mashups Provide Opportunity

Enterprise mashups are gaining traction. Demand for more cost efficient solutions are fueling this growth. Companies today want effective solutions that aren't cumbersome, and that is where enterprise mashups come in. They can provide web-based data integration tailor-made to provide exactly the information the organization needs. These solutions are created by combining data from two or more existing sources. The resulting mashup essentially creates a new application, which provides a quick and inexpensive alternative to labor intensive middleware rollouts.

Because of its cost efficiency and flexibility, enterprise mashups have become attractive and as such have created a host of new technical jobs for those pursuing careers in technology. Studies from research firm Gartner, estimate that by 2010 more than thirty percent of Global 2000 organizations will be using some form of enterprise mashup solutions in their organizations.

This opens up a new window of opportunity for technology professionals. Specifically, businesses are anxious to bring on skilled business technology professionals with application architecture experience who also have strong business acumen. They want information technology professionals who not only have the expertise to put mashups together, but also understand the big picture of how they can be used to benefit the company.



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