28 IT Industry Job Roles Show Pay Rate Increases in First Six Months of 2009

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Are their job roles in the IT industry that are experiencing pay increases?

28 IT Industry Job Roles Show Pay Rate Increases in First Six Months of 2009

Though the economy has undoubtedly seen better days, there are still a few bright spots amongst the gloom. Careers in technology seem to be one of them. Foote Partners, a research firm that tracks pay rates for hundreds of IT skill sets, found that there are indeed particular technical jobs that are still seeing increases. Their study reviewed compensation inclinations for the first six months of 2009 and found twenty-eight IT skills and certifications that have experienced increases since the beginning of the year.

Business trends are showing an increased reliance on information technology professionals to assist organizations in finding opportunities to both cut costs and build profits. For instance, business process management and modeling skills have seen a significant rise in value with a 15.4% market gain since January. Project management skills also clearly continue to be in demand, as they experienced a 16.7% boost over the same time period.



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