IT Resume Checklist

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What key factors should I be sure to include in a successful resume?

IT Resume Checklist

Competition in the job market is heating up. If you are currently involved in the IT job search process, you need to ensure that all aspects of your resume are in stellar form so that you can stand out from the masses. The following checklist can provide helpful tips you can utilize to make sure your resume presents the best possible reflection of your skills and abilities. First and foremost, you want your IT resume to provide a high level overview of your career experience and technical expertise. You should use enough detail to sufficiently summarize relevant aspects of your past employment, identifying key areas of technical proficiency. Document the work experience you have with various methodologies and skill sets. Whenever possible, highlight familiarity you have with technologies that are especially pertinent to the role you are applying for. Using compelling statements and action verbs, include statements of achievement that clearly describe your past successes. It is also important to include a listing of your training and educational qualifications as well. Perhaps the biggest challenge is to provide the reader with a comprehensive scope of your work experience in a brief, but interesting way.



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