The Importance of Including a Technical Summary on IT Resumes

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What is a technical summary and should I include one in my resume?

The Importance of Including a Technical Summary on IT Resumes

While a Technical Summary is not a category included on all resumes, it is a vital section to incorporate for individuals looking to secure an IT job. Doing so provides a clear and concise way for potential employers to assess whether you have the technical expertise and capabilities they need.

The goal of this portion of your IT resume is to provide a detailed outline of your technical skills broken down into easy to decipher categories. This will make it simpler for the hiring manager to find the specific technologies they are interested in. It can be beneficial to include up to five subcategories and then list the various technologies you have worked with under each. For example, you would list operating systems and note the experience you have in that realm such as Windows Vista and XP, Mac OS X, Unix, etc. Then do the same for your hardware experience, software applications, networking and languages and so on. Of course, the subcategories you list will depend upon your particular field of expertise. Just be sure to stick to listing key technologies of interest and eliminate skills sets that are either insignificant or outdated.



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