Does IT Offer the Catalyst to Recovery?

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Does IT offer the catalyst to recovery?

Does IT Offer the Catalyst to Recovery?

For many, there is a belief that IT offers the catalyst to help pull the U.S. out of its recession. This is undoubtedly the opinion held by Aneesh Chopra, the federal chief technology officer and assistant director for technology at the White House.

Chopra is reaching out to the private sector and urging CIOs to focus not only on cost cutting initiatives, but also pushing them to consider strategic, innovative alternatives to current challenges. In fact, the country's administration is relying on professionals in the IT career field to assist with many of their most significant initiatives such as healthcare IT, smart grid technology, tech education, and cybersecurity.

As Chopra sees it, there is a huge opportunity for corporations and consequently individuals in an IT job category to produce new technology methods and adaptations that can provide immeasurable improvements. Whether it involves business processes or product inventions, Chopra strongly believes that IT offers a viable avenue for economic recovery. As such, he has been meeting with industry leaders to encourage them to push the envelope and explore new IT paradigms.



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