Business Analysts Face Challenging Role

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What challenges do IT Business Analysts face?

Business Analysts Face Challenging Role

The role of the IT Business Analyst is a challenging one to say the least, as one of their primary responsibilities involves uncovering corporate inefficiencies. Not only do IT Business Analysts need to be diplomatic in the way they reveal and report the areas that require improvement, they must also be strategic in the solutions they suggest to address the problem. In recommending new processes, it is important to focus on the facts and highlight potential opportunities. It is highly likely that they will encounter resistance, as there is often an inherent resistance to change, but managing positive change is the hallmark of a talented Business Analyst. They must remain calm regardless of the responses of others and resist getting pulled into company politics. It is essential to keep open, honest, and effective communication channels flowing between the appropriate stakeholders. Being able to provide a balanced understanding of the opposing needs of various company departments can be one of the greatest values these individuals can provide.



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