Demand for IT Security Remains Strong

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How has the current economic situation affected IT security careers?

Demand for IT Security Remains Strong

In spite of uncertain and turbulent economic activity, professionals in the IT career field have fared considerably better than their non-tech counterparts. The unemployment rate for most IT job categories has been lower than that of the overall unemployment rate. This is because businesses realize the value that technology can bring to their organizations. And in many cases, companies are relying on the expertise of IT professionals to help them maintain the profitability and integrity of their businesses.

One example is the growing importance of IT security. Unfortunately, slowing sales and dwindling profits have forced many organizations to endure layoffs and in the midst of the consequential turmoil, they have been forced to prepare for a possible increase in unsavory activities. Therefore, many have had to reinforce tech security measures to ensure the protection of their corporate data. As a result, the demand for capable and reliable IT security professionals who can assist in developing comprehensive security plans has remained strong.



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