The Shifting Role of IT

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How has the shifting role of IT affected IT job requirements?

The Shifting Role of IT

There has been an increased shift in the way the companies view the role of IT. Businesses are looking to IT not only to provide technical assistance with their initiatives, but also to offer innovative solutions that provide cost cutting opportunities. As a result, IT has adapted by changing how it manages itself and interacts with the business side of company operations. CIOs realize that to increase the effectiveness of their efforts and to build greater acceptance of their initiatives, it is imperative for all workers under their jurisdiction, from IT business analysts to tech support personnel, to have strong communication skills.

Tech workers looking to boost their IT career would do well to keep this trend in mind. It is no longer enough to have only technical skills. True business acumen and the understanding of how technology solutions can affect the different aspects of the organization is often not only desired, but also required. The ability to be able to clearly explain complex technical concepts to non-techie co-workers is vital as well as it can be the deciding factor as to whether the go ahead is given to IT projects.



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