IT Departments Need to Sort Out Their True Priorities

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What do CIOs consider the most important factor in providing effective delivery of IT support to the enterprise?

IT Departments Need to Sort Out Their True Priorities

There seems to be a bit of confusion amongst IT industry executives. A recent business industry trends survey from the Info-Tech Research Group found that CIOs and top IT decision makers rated the skill and abilities of their staff to be the most important factor in ensuring the effective delivery of a solid level of support to the enterprise.

This was an extensive study that reached out to over 1,400 decision makers in a variety of IT job industries. Yet, the findings point to an alarming disconnect between priorities and actual commitment. We all know actions speak louder than words and the actions of these IT industry decision makers have missed the mark.

While the capabilities and expertise of their staff clearly ranked ahead of hardware and software capabilities in their philosophical priority list, when it came to reviewing their actual resource allotment expenditures, funding levels for hiring and training came in near the bottom of the list of seventeen IT management priorities.



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