Being Lean is Popular in the IT Industry

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How is Lean thinking affecting the IT industry

Being Lean is Popular in the IT Industry

The pressures to keep budgets in check are leading many IT departments to adopt “lean” practices. Drawn primarily by the promise of significant cost savings, IT industry executives that implement “lean IT thinking” also gain the additional benefits of creating more streamlined processes and greater time efficiency.

Overall, the most important benchmark for evaluating the proficiency of an organization's information technology department is by calculating the return on investment of their endeavors. Each project is assessed to determine the total outlay in terms of cost and labor. Then the actual success of the solution is reviewed to estimate the amount of benefit it provided to the company. The ultimate goal of employing lean practices is to create more cost effective, time efficient processes while retaining high quality, total IT solutions.

IT professionals looking to advance their careers should consider thinking in terms of “lean practices”. Businesses industry trends, being as they are today, continue to make this work method philosophy popular with a vast number of IT job industries.



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