Cloud Computing Presents Foggy Career Prospects for IT Professionals

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Will cloud computing lead to an increase technology jobs?

Cloud Computing Presents Foggy Career Prospects for IT Professionals

There is some debate as to whether the future technology of cloud computing will lead to the creation of addition technology jobs or a reduction in their numbers. One thing is clear however; interest in this technology doesn't seem to be waning in anyway. Research form the IDC predicts that worldwide spending on cloud services will grown to $42 billion by 2012. That's a threefold increase in just three years. In addition, Gartner Research has reported that cloud computing will dramatically change the business environment as significantly as e-business activities have.

With these sorts of landmark predictions, wise information technology professionals will heed this news by staying on tops of this emerging technology. Businesses need technology professionals who understand the intricacies of the organization's infrastructure. They must be able to triage and manage any problems that arise in the cloud. As such, at this time it seems as though technical jobs for in cloud computing and virtualization are on the rise.



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