Web-Oriented Architecture Emerging As Promising Enterprise Solution

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What is WOA?

Web-Oriented Architecture Emerging As Promising Enterprise Solution

Businesses today are looking for agile, scalable technologies that offer interoperability with their existing resources. As such, many are looking for technology professionals that can assist them with developing web-oriented architecture (WOA) solutions. Essentially this future technology extends basic service-oriented architecture to web based applications. WOA builds upon the basic concepts and rich outcomes of the web to develop global class solutions. The potential of this technology is enormous. Properly implemented, it can offer infinite data resources that can be adapted as required. Dynamic connections can be processed individually for a specific requirement, in part for integrated applications, or as a whole for tasks such as search engines.

Information technology professionals with experience in service-oriented architecture (SOA) can apply some of their skills in this realm. While there are many similarities between the SOA and WOA concepts, it is important to note that there are also significant differences in the approaches, tools and methodologies as well.



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