Technical Jobs in Green IT Aren't All About Technology

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What are businesses looking for in terms of Green IT job candidates?

Technical Jobs in Green IT Aren't All About Technology

Greening of IT continues to grow. Motivated by cost savings and environmental concerns, more businesses are jumping on the bandwagon to either start or expand their green initiatives. That is good news for technology professionals as it opens new pathways for technical jobs.

Those looking for careers in technology with a green slant will do well to update or refresh their skills and tech skills aren't the only ones that are deemed important. Companies want technology professionals who not only understand how a business functions but are also practical and realistic. They need business technology professionals who understand how changes made can affect the overall organization.

Much of the efforts in Green IT are focused on optimizing the energy efficiency of power hungry technical applications and equipment. Therefore, Green IT technology jobs are often associated with analyzing the energy consumption of various components to determine if new methodologies and tools are worth the expenditure. The return on investment of all Green IT initiatives are carefully calculated to determine the long-term cost savings of all endeavors to ensure positive environmental and budgetary outcomes.



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