Enterprise Mashups Pose Challenges for Businesses

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What challenges do enterprise mashups create for businesses?

Enterprise Mashups Pose Challenges for Businesses

While the popularity of enterprise mashups continues to grow, companies are struggling with how to balance the positive aspects of this future technology with the challenges it presents. Providing cost effective and easily customizable applications, it is easy to understand the attraction of enterprise mashups. But it is also important to keep in mind the potential concerns that this technology poses.

The solutions developed are mainly user created and often times; companies do not have policies or protocol in place to control their creation or use. Because they are the product of two or more existing applications, key information is generally pulled in from various resources. This opens up the potential for misuse or unauthorized access to sensitive data.

In the coming years, industry trends will undoubtedly show an increase in regulation of enterprise mashup activities within organizations. And information technology professionals will likely face tighter restrictions on the process of creating enterprise mashups.



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