How the Rise in Botnets Has Changed IT Networking Careers

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How has the rise in botnets affected tech pros in IT networking jobs?

How the Rise in Botnets Has Changed IT Networking Careers

With the rise in botnets infecting the internet, there has been a progressive growth in the need for highly skilled and reliable information technology professionals in IT networking careers who can help companies protect their computer systems and networks. This increasing threat has forced companies to step up their defensive efforts. As a result, those holding technology jobs in the networking field are working closely with security personnel to closely monitor potential threats and thoroughly log all incidents.

Sharp technology professionals in networking jobs are aware of this changing landscape and are fortifying their career prospects. They are undergoing training to brush up on their security incident and event management (SIEM) skills. In addition, they are familiarizing themselves with the most current tools, techniques and technologies used to identify and disable botnet activities. By increasing their skills in this area, they improve their value to the company, which in turn helps to increase their job security.



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