PCM Technology Offers Major Advantages to PCs

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What is PCM and how can it change the PC industry?

PCM Technology Offers Major Advantages to PCs

Many PC users are frustrated by the protracted amount of time it takes for their systems to boot up. A solution for this frequently cited shortcoming could soon be available.

A future technology known as phase-change memory (PCM) allows computers to instantly resume from where the user last left off by utilizing a new method to store and retrieve digital information. Unlike Flash memory, which was quickly adopted by smartphone manufacturers, PCM technology will most likely be embraced by the PC industry. A recent agreement announced between Samsung and Numonyx to jointly develop new hardware and software standards for PCM offerings. This will create a wave of exploration by technology professionals into the viability of PCM.

Numonyx was the first to actually ship PCM, a 128-megabit version chip. Plans are in the works to deliver a 1-gigabit PCM chip later this year. Currently, PCM technology is used in rewritable CD-ROMs, but the application process is very different from its anticipated use in PCs. Though some hurdles remain, the technology presents enormous potential for making drastic changes to the PC industry and in creating additional technology jobs.



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