Studies Show the Benefits of IT Certifications

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Do IT certifications benefit both employers and employees?

Studies Show the Benefits of IT Certifications

While the value of IT certifications has been debated in the past, recent research has shown that there are definite advantages to both businesses and individuals.

For companies, keeping operational costs in check is essential, especially in challenging and turbulent economic times. To stay in the black, businesses must maximize efficiency and therefore need to ensure a high level of productivity for each and every one of their employees. Requiring IT certifications helps organizations ensure that all of their tech employees actually have the necessary skills and abilities that are vital to their operations. IT certifications provide proven documentation of an IT pro's qualifications. They have also been shown to be helpful in improving efficiency and reducing employee turnover.

On the other side of the coin, when asked if they believed their IT certifications made them more attractive candidates for potential employers, seventy five percent of responding IT professionals answered with a resounding yes. In addition, eighty four percent believe their IT certifications provide them with the necessary skills to better fulfill their job requirements.



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