IT Certifications Bolster Tech Professionals' Career Prospects

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How can IT certifications improve a candidate’s technical career?

IT Certifications Bolster Tech Professionals' Career Prospects

Research from IDC has shown that acquiring IT certifications can help tech professionals open additional opportunities in the IT field. Whether they are just looking to start out a in the industry or to advance their career into job roles of greater responsibility, earning IT certifications can help.

Tech personnel who have undergone the necessary training to obtain IT certification are shown to be more knowledgeable about specific technology concepts. They were also found to have greater confidence in handling technology challenges than their non-certified counterparts. And in an industry that is constantly morphing and spinning off new tools and methodologies, the fact that certified IT professionals were able to adapt more easily to changing technologies is a clear advantage.

For employers, this is seen as a major plus. An IDC survey found that company executives obviously appreciate the career dedication shown by individuals willing to undergo the demanding IT certification requirements. It showed that forty percent of tech pros that have acquired IT certification received a promotion within one year of completing their training.



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