More Companies Requiring IT Security Certification

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Have more companies been requiring IT security certifications?

More Companies Requiring IT Security Certification

According to figures released from CompTIA, one of the leading providers of vendor-neutral IT certifications, there has been a 60% increase in the number of companies requiring IT security certification, particularly for current employees. And there is overwhelming evidence that businesses that have made the investment in providing IT certification course training are satisfied with the results. In fact, eighty seven percent of all U.S. respondents noted improvements in security when they had provided security training for their employees. In particular, they observed increased awareness, greater proactive risk identification, and consequently quicker response times to security issues.

Organizations would do well to consider this research. To help protect their operations, they need to have top IT talent on staff. To do so, they often must decide whether to hire a tech professional who is already fully skilled and certified in the security realm that can manage this role for them or to invest in providing security training to their current staff.



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