Experience is King

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What is considered more valuable, training or hands on experience?

Experience is King

Industry experts agree, when it comes to value, experience is king. This is often particularly true in the technology field. While education and certifications undoubtedly are impressive, hands on knowledge of tools and technologies have been shown to be considered the most valuable in terms of an IT professional's salary and career advancement potential.

Technical positions are very specific, and because these job responsibilities are often so innovative and specialized, it can be more beneficial to have practical experience working directly with a methodology or platform rather than learning about it in class.

For this reason, contract IT jobs can be helpful in providing tangible experience working with the latest tools and technologies. For IT professionals, this can translate into concrete benefits in terms of increased earning potential and career opportunities.

According to Sapphire Technologies, an IT staffing service agency, clients do like to see certifications and training on an IT professionals resume. However, when it comes to actually hiring an individual, they tend to prefer solid work experience over those with only educational familiarity with a specific technology.



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