Looking For Satisfaction? Try Contract Employment

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How can contract employment increase job satisfaction?

Looking For Satisfaction? Try Contract Employment

In a survey sponsored by the American Staffing Association and CareerBuilder, workers in contract employment positions were found to have high job satisfaction. In fact, the research found that ninety percent of temporary and contract jobholders reported that they were satisfied with their work experience. This was considerably higher than the satisfaction ratings of individuals in regular, full-time permanent jobs. Only sixty two percent of the employees in a permanent job arrangement rated their work experience as satisfactory.

Moreover, nine out of ten individuals who had worked in a contract employment arrangement say that they would refer a friend or relative to work as a temp or contract employee. Perhaps it is the added flexibility inherent in contract jobs or the exposure to additional work environments that they find rewarding. Or it could be satisfaction with the challenges and appeal of shifting job responsibilities. Whether it is a love of variety or desire to gain additional skills, it is clear that contract employment opportunities provide a definite value to today's workforce.



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