IT Contract Employment Can Provide an Effective Gateway to a Permanent Job

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Do contract employment arrangements lead to permanent jobs?

IT Contract Employment Can Provide an Effective Gateway to a Permanent Job

It is no secret that workplace pressures have increased. Unemployment is up and a lot of talented professionals have felt the brunt of the rocky economy. This has led many to knock on the doors of a reputable IT staffing service agency to assist them in returning to the workforce. This is a smart choice as IT staff augmentation companies provide a full range of career offerings from contract employment, contract to perm, and full-time permanent jobs. That equates to a wide range of potential opportunities.

While a fair percentage of organizations remain hesitant of hiring employees for permanent IT jobs, there is still a need for top quality talent. The compromise for many organizations has been to engage talent via contract employment positions. Job seekers should not be disheartened by this news because IT contract jobs can often lead to permanent placements. According to the American Staffing Association, nearly half of the contract workers that they surveyed reported that they had acquired a permanent job at companies where they had previously worked in contract assignments.



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