Keeping Your Resume Up-to-Date Is More Important Than Ever

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How often should you update your resume?

Keeping Your Resume Up-to-Date Is More Important Than Ever

Industry experts agree that it is a good idea to update your IT resume on a regular basis. Even for individuals who are not currently searching for IT jobs, it is still vitally important to periodically review and amend your resume to make certain it is current. But this is something that an alarmingly large number of professionals fail to do. Research from CareerBuilder revealed that half of the workers they recently surveyed didn't have up-to-date resumes.

IT staffing agency, Sapphire Technologies, recommends that this endeavor should be undertaken at least every six months if not quarterly. This will help ensure that your resume will accurately depict all of the latest responsibilities and skills you have acquired; you can also avoid the possible problem of forgetting key details of particular projects.

Now more than ever, you should always have a current resume and portfolio ready to go because you never know what the next day will bring.



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