Top Resume Mistakes

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What are the most common mistakes made on resumes?

Top Resume Mistakes

Today's IT job seekers can't afford to be sloppy or careless when drafting their resumes. The current economic situation has drastically increased the amount of competition in the job market and therefore human resource managers can afford to be choosier about who they are willing to hire. Simple mistakes can sabotage a candidate's IT job search efforts.

Consequently, candidates need to be extra careful not to make these common resume mistakes. Spelling errors are easily avoidable and therefore completely unacceptable gaffes that can cause immediate elimination of a resume from consideration. To avoid this costly mistake all you need to do is take the time to spell check your IT resume and/or enlist the help of a friend to review it before sending it out.

It is also important to be truthful about your experience and skills. Employers these days can't afford to make bad hiring decisions and are especially careful about checking out their potential new hires. Chances are if you lie about your work history, they will find out and that will eliminate your chances of signing on with that organization.



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