Customized Resumes

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Is it helpful to create customized versions of your resume for each job opportunity?

Customized Resumes

More and more IT job seekers are taking the extra step to customize their resume for each individual employment opportunity. Doing so allows them to tailor the way they present their work history to highlight specific skills and qualifications based on the need of the particular company. This can be quite effective as different positions have varying requirements. In one job, proficiency with a particular technology may be especially important whereas at another company the focus is more on a different skill.

Though time consuming, it can be well worth the extra effort involved in adjusting your IT resume. By customizing the content, candidates can ensure that the key words and precise methodologies that an organization is looking for are prominently displayed on the resume they submit for each job opportunity.

To pursue this tactic, create a standard version of your resume that includes all the basic information about your career. Then, for each version, simply tweak the data as needed for each job inquiry you submit to spotlight the particular experience that is most relevant for that position.



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