When Drafting an IT Resume Remember to Keep the Goal in Mind

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What is the ultimate goal of a resume?

When Drafting an IT Resume Remember to Keep the Goal in Mind

While many would think it is obvious that you would want to keep the goal in mind when drafting an IT resume, it is amazing how often this vital objective seems to be forgotten. Some people mistakenly think that the ultimate purpose of a resume is to get a job. The truth, however, is that a resume doesn't get you an IT job; your performance in an interview is the deciding factor as to whether a company will hire you. So in reality, the resume's goal is to get you an interview.

Therefore, it is essential that your resume captures the attention of your potential employer. As such, it is vital for it to be formatted in a clear and easy to read layout. Hiring managers review hundreds of resumes, so they will be primarily scanning the information and not reading in depth. To make it past the first cut, you must be sure you include the key words that the organization is looking for so that they know you have the skills they need. Then, and only then, will you have the opportunity to go to the next level and win them over in the interview.



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