Thinking Like a Hiring Manager Can Help You Create a Better IT Resume

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How can thinking like a Hiring Manager help in drafting a successful resume?

Thinking Like a Hiring Manager Can Help You Create a Better IT Resume

Far too often IT job seekers think of their resumes only from a personal point of view. As such, they spend their time and energy simply listing all of the minute details of their job experience.

However, it can be very helpful to shift your perspective and put yourself in the shoes of the company's hiring manager. When drafting your resume, try to keep in mind how your potential employer will view it. In all likelihood, they will be shifting through a large number of resumes from other qualified candidates. Therefore, you want to think about how to make your credentials stand above the rest. This can be done by making the resume easy to read and by highlighting your technical skills and achievements. You don't want to make the reader have to search to find the information they need. You want your experience and expertise to pop so that the company can't help but notice that you are clearly the best candidate for the position.



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