Resumes Should Be More than Simple Laundry Lists

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Are achievement statements important to include in an IT resume?

Resumes Should Be More than Simple Laundry Lists

When putting together an IT resume, many job seekers focus their energies on compiling a laundry list of their employment history, trying to cram in as many bullet points about their job responsibilities as possible. While it is important to fully present your employment history, it often seems as though the true goal of a resume is forgotten. Potential employers want to know that you have not only the technical knowledge required for their IT job opening, but also the ability to use those skills adeptly to help advance the interests of the company. Therefore, it is vital to include achievement statements in your resume. These highlight past successes and reference quantifiable results that are a direct reflection of your work. By coupling your qualifications with your performance abilities, you provide employers with concrete examples of how they can benefit by hiring you.

So don't be shy. Go ahead and list those awards you have earned and record the relevant details about the money you were able to save your company, because how well you perform on the job is truly what potential employers are interested in.



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