Resume Formatting Tips for IT Contractors

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What is the best way to present experience in a resume if you have primarily worked as a contractor?

Resume Formatting Tips for IT Contractors

Many talented IT professionals have chosen to pursue contracting as a full-time occupation. For these individuals, with frequent placements at different corporate locations and even in different industries, what is the best way to present their diversified experience in a resume?

The good news is that there is a growing understanding and acceptance of tech personnel that choose consulting as a full-time career alternative. Yet it is still important to find a way to present the experience gained from each assignment in the best possible light instead of as just a series of short term IT job stints.

So here are a couple of professional resume writing tips to consider when putting together your IT resume. Obviously, first and foremost, it is key for IT contractors to prominently list the workplace experience and skills they have gained in their contract placements. Also, if you have worked with a staffing agency, it can be helpful to list your various assignments from that company together. This provides some uniformity and shows a consistent pattern of employment under that provider. This can also help to clarify that the positions held were actually contract assignments so that there is no possible confusion by potential employers.



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