How Long Should Your Resume Be

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What is the appropriate length for an IT resume?

How Long Should Your Resume Be

One of the most frequently asked questions and commonly debated issues when it comes to resumes is regarding the appropriate length. Is it essential to stick to a single page resume or is it acceptable to have something longer, say two or three pages? What it really comes down to is the amount of experience the individual has. Particularly when it comes to professionals looking to land an IT job, longer resumes are often needed to efficiently document the important technical details of their career. However, for novice technicians or for those just starting out in their IT career, a one-page resume is best. Individuals with a broader range of skill sets to portray will likely have to go beyond a single page, but it is important not to go overboard and create an unruly, extended IT resume. Listing too much information can be as detrimental as not providing enough. If a resume is too long or catalogs an excessive level of minute detail, there is a high likelihood that it will be passed over as hiring managers don't have the time or energy to hunt through to find the skills that are of interest to them.



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