Are Objectives Obsolete?

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Should you include an objective in your resume?

Are Objectives Obsolete?

When drafting an IT resume, many wonder if it is necessary to include an objective. The answer depends upon how much experience you have. If you are looking to obtain an entry level IT job, then a strong objective statement can be helpful. It can offer clarification as to the type of position you are hoping to obtain and can highlight the characteristics and skills you have that would make you qualified for the job.

However, if you have broad experience and are in the market for a more advanced or management level position, then it is better to skip the objective and devote the space to expounding on your skills and attributes. IT professionals at this level often will include a career summary statement, which presents a broad view of their career experience. To be most effective, it should be compelling but simple and clearly state the qualifications and experience that the IT professional brings to the table.



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