Viewing Challenges as Opportunities Has Its Advantages

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Viewing Challenges as Opportunities Has Its Advantages

With less staff and fewer dollars, today's information technology departments are feeling more pressure than ever before. Businesses are closely evaluating the performance of their technology professionals and keeping an eye on personnel who perform well in these lean times. For tech staff looking to advance their IT career paths, those that will reap the benefits will be the ones that are able to view current challenges as opportunities. It is a perfect time to focus on strategic goals of the overall organization and open discussions amongst the various corporate departments to determine how IT can help. Today, technology permeates all aspects of business in substantive ways. Forced to do more with less and with greater pressure for measurable return on investment, IT pros must be mindful of the company's expectations and be able to manage them accordingly when embarking on any new technology initiatives. Specifically, they need to make smart decisions when determining what IT capabilities or improvements to pursue and be willing to pass on those projects that will not meet company objectives.



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