Web Development Trends

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What trends are affecting web development jobs?

Web Development Trends

One of the major trends affecting IT professionals in web development jobs today is the increased reliance on rapid application development (RAD) techniques. This methodology foregoes extensive preplanning initiatives in lieu of rapid prototyping. In addition, the RAD approach often involves the use of online applications such as Django and CodeIgniter, which are used to make “on the fly” changes to software coding. This allows new offerings to be released frequently, in multiple stages and via mini increments. Doing so allows software and web applications to be written more quickly and provides the ability to easily adjust product specifications in response to technology and requirement changes.

Prior to the widespread adoption of RAD practices, organizations often missed critical web requirements and released inadequate products due to unforeseen circumstances and misinterpreted needs.

IT professionals that are interested in obtaining a web development job should be sure to understand RAD frameworks and brush up on the latest RAD technology skill sets.



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