A Glimmer of Hope on the IT Spending Horizon

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What are the expectations for IT spending in the future?

A Glimmer of Hope on the IT Spending Horizon

While cost cutting initiatives remain as the top priority of CIOs for the near future, some industry experts are predicting a resurgence of IT spending on the horizon. A survey from Computer Economics revealed that 45 percent of IT executives were planning increases in their IT operational budgets for 2009, while an additional 17 percent noted that their IT spending would remain stable. For many, it is quite heartening to know that not everyone is focusing solely on reducing technology resources and funding. In fact, the research found that the second most vital spending priority for CIOs was to leverage IT for strategic business advantage.

Therefore, individuals in the IT career field would bode well to keep these trends in mind. A vast majority of IT career opportunities will be associated with these two primary business goals. Organizations will need high quality IT professionals that can assist them in implementing and maintaining technology solutions that increase efficiency and offer cost effective business solutions.



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