IT Professionals Should Be Prepared for Revitalization of the Tech Markets

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When can we expect the tech market to rebound?

IT Professionals Should Be Prepared for Revitalization of the Tech Markets

Reports from IT research firm Forrester estimate that tech markets will begin to recover in the last quarter of 2009. Furthermore, they expect slow, but positive year-over-year growth will begin occurring in the early part of 2010.

That means that those in the IT career field should begin to look beyond the downturn and get prepared for recovery. As the economy continues to improve, industry experts predict large scale hiring will take place in a wide array of IT job categories. Many projects were shelved when budgets were frozen or cut and as these funds are freed, there will be a backlog of IT initiatives that will once again be brought online. However, employers will still have the ability to be choosy and will undoubtedly take their time in the employment process. IT staffing companies, such as Sapphire Technologies, have reported that employers are willing to wait to hire only those who have the combination of skills, experience and certifications that they deem essential. And this trend is expected to continue.



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