The Role of Business Analysts is Changing

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How has the role of Business Analysts changed?

The Role of Business Analysts is Changing

One of the most consistently in demand roles in the information technology field over the past several years has been that of the IT Business Analyst. As companies increasingly meld technology into nearly every aspect of business, company management has grown to understand and experience the value that skilled IT Business Analysts can bring to their organization. These individuals straddle the line between the technology side of organizations and the business units helping to ensure that common goals are met in an efficient and effective manner. But as with most functions, with the changing economic landscape, this role is undergoing a metamorphosis. Businesses are striving to find ways to increase proficiency and as such have come to adopt Lean and Agile methodologies on a large scale. While strong communication and collaboration skills are still essential, it has now become equally important for tech professionals in this IT career path to also have knowledge of these concepts and processes.



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