IT Pros with Experience in Applications Frameworks and Languages Still Hot

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Are companies hiring IT professionals with application framework experience?

IT Pros with Experience in Applications Frameworks and Languages Still Hot

IT staffing agencies, such as Sapphire Technologies, are reporting a consistent demand and steady number of postings for IT engineering job s involving application frameworks and languages
such as ASP.Net, VB.Net, XML, PHP,
Java, C#, and C++. This in part can be contributed to the continued popularity of GUI interfaces for proprietary as well as commercial applications. Another causal factor to this trend is that, in some cases, companies are rethinking their reliance on offshore labor for tasks involving .Net, C#, and similar technologies. Many found the process of managing these tasks to be unreliable and counterproductive, and as a result, are bringing those projects back in-house. While technical proficiency is important, of equal significance and value is versatility. With stringent budgetary restrictions, IT departments have to do more with less. Therefore, they want to hire tech personnel that have a broad
range of skills and capabilities. For example, CIOs want IT professionals who have the ability to effectively handle code and can also function as a team lead or project coordinator.



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