Over 400,000 Tech Jobs Available

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With general unemployment rates trending upward, why are there so many IT jobs available?

Over 400,000 Tech Jobs Available

Employers are becoming increasingly choosy about the candidates they hire. They are demanding IT professionals with specific combinations of technical skills, job experience, and certifications. So, although there are a good number of IT positions open and available, over 400,000 according to the non-profit trade association CompTIA, employers are moving slowly in their hiring. Companies are choosing to hold out for just the right applicant.

Many of the positions that employers need filled are for technical support roles. Despite outsourcing, help desk and desktop support roles are one of the fastest growing in the U.S. In part, this can be attributed to the fact that these positions are generally entry level. IT pros often will take these roles to get their “foot in the door” with an organization, then they progress to more advanced roles and job functions. Therefore, there is a significant amount of turnover in these jobs and as employees cycle through this role onto other responsibilities; businesses need to replace the personnel in this vital job function.



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