Demand for IT Managers Holds Steady

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Are there fewer IT managers in the technology field today?

Demand for IT Managers Holds Steady

According to Computer Economics, an independent research firm, demand for IT managers in relation to total IT personnel has remained relatively unchanged for the last three years. Holding steady at a median of 10.4%, it seems as though a staff to management balance has been achieved despite some unsettled economic times.

The study from Computer Economics speculates that one reason this change has occurred is because of evolving technologies. Technological breakthroughs have enabled organizations to delegate more responsibilities further down the change of command. It can also be attributed to the increased reliance on outsourcing and third party service providers. In these scenarios, managers are still required to oversee the project and ensure that deadlines are met, quality standards are maintained, and budgets are adhered to.

While management roles are remaining steady, businesses do seem to be investing in IT professionals in specializing in disciplines such as finance, contracts, procurement, and process management. This trend reflects companies' ongoing drive to maintain cost efficiency and effectiveness as these roles can directly affect these goals.



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