VoIP Popularity Spurs Demand for IT Pros

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The growing popularity of VoIP has spurred interest in securing network admins to assist in the installation and maintenance of these systems.

VoIP Popularity Spurs Demand for IT Pros

The growing popularity of Voice Over IP (VoIP) has spurred a renewed interest in securing top-notch network administrators to assist companies in the installation and maintenance of these systems. The most sought IT professionals in this arena are those that have not only the technical schooling and knowledge, but also the real world hands on experience with local and wide area networks as well as voice and internet networking. VoIP technology overlaps these various IT realms and therefore companies want to be able to rely on an IT administrator who can effectively manage any problems that may crop up, whether it is a difficulty with the phone system, a data issue, or a network concern. IT pros that understand and can effectively address the convergence of technologies in the voice and IT networks of an organization are in high demand. Businesses also place a premium on technically well-rounded IT professionals that can clearly explain complex technical concepts to their non-techie colleagues.



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