IT Security Still a Vital Concern?

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Are IT security threats still a concern?

IT Security Still a Vital Concern?

Though security breaches have risen only slightly over the past couple of years, according to the CompTIA, a non-profit IT trade association, the level of severity of the violations have increased significantly. Therefore, companies need to step up their security programs and must have skilled IT professionals on staff that can help stay vigilant against potential threats.

In terms of cost, the largest impact of security issues is to the productivity of corporate employees. When company systems go down, work comes to a screeching halt and that hits companies hard. If workers can't get their jobs done, it affects the bottom line. Deadlines are missed and revenue-producing activities are impacted.

Interestingly, the CompTIA study found that the largest culprit to corporate IT security is not a malicious evildoer. Actually, the primary cause of severe breaches was found to be simply unintentional human error. This points to a definite need for more comprehensive and thorough technology training for company employees.



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