IT Jobs Frequently Asked Questions

Why are project managers always in demand?

How has the rise of Smartphone usage affected the IT job market?

What do Wireless Specialists do?

Are networking skills important in IT?

The growing popularity of VoIP has spurred interest in securing network admins to assist in the installation and maintenance of these systems.

Is the Open Source movement dead?

How is the business intelligence role changing for IT professionals?

Are there fewer IT managers in the technology field today?

With general unemployment rates trending upward, why are there so many IT jobs available?

Are companies hiring IT professionals with application framework experience?

How do IT recruitment companies help organizations reduce hiring risks?

What can contract workers offer to businesses?

With significant budgetary constraints, how can companies still meet their pent-up demand for IT services?

How does employing contractors increase flexibility?

What are the top reasons companies use contract employees?

How can companies reduce hiring risks with contractors?

Are IT staffing agencies more efficient at finding potential candidates?

Can using contract labor help companies perform better financially?

How satisfied are companies with the quality of candidates supplied by staffing agencies?

How has the role of Business Analysts changed?

When can we expect the tech market to rebound?

How has the current economic situation affected IT security careers?

What are the expectations for IT spending in the future?

What challenges do IT Business Analysts face?

What factors are driving the increased popularity of cloud computing?

How are budgetary restrictions affecting IT?

What can IT pros do to advance their careers?

What is a technical summary and should I include one in my resume?

What is the appropriate length for an IT resume?

What is the best way to present experience in a resume if you have primarily worked as a contractor?

Are achievement statements important to include in an IT resume?

How can thinking like a Hiring Manager help in drafting a successful resume?

What is the ultimate goal of a resume?

Is it helpful to create customized versions of your resume for each job opportunity?

How many resumes do hiring managers generally receive for each job opening?

What are the most common mistakes made on resumes?

What do you do when the company you used to work for changes its name?

Can working with a recruiter increase your chances of finding a job?

Can contract employment help build valuable skills?

Why would an individual choose contract employment over permanent IT jobs?

How is contract employment like dating?

How can contract employment help you check out a new career?

How can contract employment increase job satisfaction?

How do the pay rates of professionals in IT contract jobs compare to those in permanent IT jobs

What is considered more valuable, training or hands on experience?

How can IT professionals know what is the best certification for them to pursue?

How do employers benefit from hiring IT professionals with PMP certification training?

How are IT certification specifications created?

Are there IT certifications for helpdesk jobs that cover more than just technology?

Are there IT certifications that teach soft skills?

How do certifications help companies in terms of hiring potential IT professionals?

What advantages does acquiring IT certifications offer tech professionals?

How can IT certifications improve a candidate’s technical career?

Do IT certifications benefit both employers and employees?

How can IT certifications help in a difficult job market?

What challenges do enterprise mashups create for businesses?

What factors are driving the growth of Green IT?

What are businesses looking for in terms of Green IT job candidates?

What job functions will technology professionals face in unified communications?

What is WOA?

Will cloud computing lead to an increase technology jobs?

What are ERM systems?

Do more businesses intend to use staffing agency services in 2009?

Are hiring plans improving?

What added challenges are IT hiring managers having to face these days?

What is the top motivating factor fueling the growth of open source in the business intelligence market?

What is the key difference between an IT Manager and a Project Manager job role?

What do CIOs consider the most important factor in providing effective delivery of IT support to the enterprise?

How do CIOs breakdown their current IT budgets in terms of spending priorities?

Why has implementing project management strategies become so popular?

What advantages does wireless IT networking offer over the standard wired network?

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