Cloud Computing – Changing the Web Development Landscape

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What factors are driving the increased popularity of cloud computing?

Cloud Computing – Changing the Web Development Landscape

There are several factors contributing to the growth in popularity of cloud computing. IT professionals in web development jobs are facing increased pressure to reduce costs and increase the scalability of their offerings. Consequently, more IT personnel in web development jobs are turning to the cloud for solutions. Offering a wide variety of affordable options with flexible tools and processes, this venue allows for dynamic changes and greater collaboration. On-demand resources are readily available and can be shared across corporate divisions, teams, and departments. Progress on project milestones can be tracked more readily and be adjusted on the fly as needed.

Tech personnel looking to excel in this arena should familiarize themselves with key tools and principles required for development in the cloud. For instance, it is important for principal stakeholders involved with the project to have not only access to view its progress, but also have the ability to make changes without having to replicate data.



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